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Management Diploma

The Management Diploma training course is available at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness Pitman Training Centres or via Online Distance Learning through our Pitman Campus.

To be a great manager, you need to be able to motivate and inspire your team whilst juggling the complexities of helping to run a business and interpret complex financial information. So if you’ve been newly promoted into a managerial or team leader role, or you’re looking to take your career to the next level, our Management Diploma will give you the skills needed to be highly effective. You will have a great understanding of how to get the most out of your team, alongside learning everything you need to know to flourish in your role and drive your organisation forward.

Course Duration: 230 hours

CPD Points: 230


Introduction to Business Structure and Law

Ideal if you have to help prepare AGMs, business reports, file accounts and manage bank accounts.

Understanding Business Accounts

In five lessons, our business accounts training is designed to help you understand balance sheets, profit and loss (P&L) accounts including stock-taking, depreciation, capital and revenue expenditure.

Microsoft Excel or Excel Expert

Learn spreadsheet skills to a good business standard. This course will enable you to create a spreadsheet, enter data, formulas and functions; create charts and much more.

Learn advanced spreadsheet skills, covering areas such as importing and exporting data, creating and using templates, linking workbooks, data management, using analysis tools and pivot tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Gain competency in creating slide presentations. Areas covered include formatting, inserting tables, pictures, sound and hyperlinks; applying transition and timing effects.

Microsoft Outlook

Learn everything there is to know about Outlook including navigation, calendars, tasks and emails.

Microsoft Word or Word Expert

Learn word processing skills to a good business standard. This will enable you to create professional looking documents, produce tables, insert pictures and much more.

Learn advanced word processing skills including mail merge, creating graphs, creating and running macros, creating an index, table of contents and more.

Time Management

Techniques to manage time more effectively – looking at work patterns, planning and scheduling.

Personalities, Profiles and Plans

Self-development program for anyone who needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses – and wants to create some clear and achievable career goals.

Different Leadership Attributes & Skills

New to management, looking for a promotion or wanting to broaden your opportunities, then this course will give you key insights into successful leadership.

Communications in an Organisation

A course focused on the way that communications and information is managed within an organisation rather than personal communication techniques.

HR Essentials

HR Essentials is an entry-level HR training course. You will learn essential knowledge on areas such as recruiting new staff, employment contracts, salary processing and maternity rights. Through the use of a case-study, you’ll gain an excellent understanding of the ins and outs of HR in a business.

Elective Courses

Choose two of the following:

  • Costing and Pricing
  • Get Into PR
  • Managing Internal and External workplace communications
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Team Development
  • Principles, Standards and Conventions of Accounting
  • Marketing, Principles and Practices
  • Marketing Mix
  • Book-keeping Level 2 – Module 1
  • Sage 50 Accounts
  • Microsoft Excel Expert
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Health and Safety Essentials

The Management Diploma is one of a range of diplomas developed for the sole purpose of equipping newly appointed managers and team leaders with the essential skills they will need to manage a team. It is also the ideal diploma if you want to take the next step up and prove you have the skills to succeed.

You will learn how a business works, gain essential accounts understanding, advanced IT skills, time management, leadership attributes and good communication in an  organisation. What’s more, to complement your diploma, you will also have the option to add two elective courses, including Sage 50 Accounts, Marketing Principles and Practices, HR, PR and Microsoft Excel Expert to name just a few.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF)

Claim up to £15,000 for Training your employees

This fund provides Levy Paying Companies an opportunity to up-skill or re-skill Employees and in turn, support economic growth.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be a Levy Paying Employer
  • The Company must be based or operate in Scotland, wholly or partially
  • Employees must reside in Scotland

For more information on applying for this funding, contact our Course Advisors by clicking below:


A funded training opportunity is now available to those facing redundancy or those who have been made redundant from March 2020 onward.

The National Transition Training Fund aims to tackle the rise in unemployment caused by Covid-19 by offering short sharp training opportunities for people to learn in-demand skills.

If you are currently under threat of redundancy, or have been made redundant at any time from the 1st March 2020 and are aged 25 or over, you can access an industry recognised qualification to help you gain employment.

For further information on how to proceed then contact us referencing the course(s) you are interested in.

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