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What is Flexible Blended Learning?

With the creation of our unique Online Distance Learning platform, Pitman Campus, we have expanded the meaning of the word flexible when it comes to the delivery of our product.  Our online platform has all the versatility to make it stand out from the usual “Click Click” online course offered.  With Pitman Campus you get all the interactivity with the course software and work files that you would in the centre but from wherever you are with an internet connection.  Your workbooks are also deliverable as E-Books.

So from Executives wanting to learn to type accurately to PA’s, Accounts personnel to Administrators who need to update office skills, our Flexible Blended Learning System provides the perfect platform for you. Whether you would like recognition for your computing skills or your colleague needs training in Book-Keeping or Accounts this system can work for you.

Anyway you look at it, the skill sets required to work in a modern office are here to stay. Whatever your learning requirement we can normally provide a flexible solution which can be available every day for the duration of the course.

When would Flexible Blended Learning be of benefit to you?

  • If you can’t commit to learning at the same day/time every week
  • You need to start training NOW!
  • You want a qualification
  • You need time to train at your own pace whether fast or slow
  • It is impossible to study during the day
  • You need the skills quickly
  • If the alternatives are liable to cancellation

How does it work?

Courses start daily and after an initial induction; you work through the course at your own pace with support and encouragement from our Learning Coaches. They can be completed in any of our training centres, which provide structure and commitment to the subject, or on a distance learning basis, preferably with no distractions.

We can mentor you through the course by agreeing a test date with you and together we can ensure your goal is achieved. We normally recommend that students study routinely and where appropriate do as much practice as possible between sessions.

Most of our flexible courses carry certification after successful completion of a test and our Learning Coaches will do everything possible to help you through the process.

The majority of our IT courses are studied using the live software, which means if you make mistakes you have to fix them. This will give you the confidence to succeed while using the software in the real world.

Distance Learning and Online Learning are also options for most of our training topics, including most elements of our Diplomas, Book-keeping and IT courses.

What flexible training courses are available?

IT, Diplomas, Typing, Sage, Book-keeping, Social Media, Business Communication, and many more. Please search for a course for full details.

What courses do you require?

One of the issues for people considering training today is how to prevent wasting time attending the wrong course. Working with you we will always endeavour to identify what skills you need to ensure that you start the right course for your requirements.

Start any time! No fixed timetable, whether this is in our centre, or at home.

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Why Distance Learning in Scotland May Be Right For You

It could be that you live or work in a remote location, maybe you have difficult shift patterns or perhaps you are just too busy to find a break in your schedule.  Our distance learning option gives you virtually the same experience as attending one of our training centres anywhere you can get a broadband connection.

From your own PC or Laptop, you can access our online courses and the accompanying software that guides you through the resources. Study in the comfort of your own home or office at times that suit you. Flexibility has always been the key driving force with Pitman Training.

Remote learning is available for more than just our individual courses. Almost our entire Diploma range can be studied this way. Throughout your course you will have access to our centre-based staff for help if you need it.  You are even welcome to mix and match between the training centre and home or workplace to complete our courses should you desire.  We have also introduced Virtual Classroom training for our IT and Personal Development Seminars.  Check our schedule of courses or call 0131 556 5650 Edinburgh 0r 0141 223 0090 arrange a bespoke event.

For further information about our Distance Learning courses, please contact us by completing the Quick Enquiry form opposite or calling your nearest Pitman Training Centre.

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