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Teeline Fast

The Teeline Fast training course is available at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness Pitman Training Centres or via Online Distance Learning through our Pitman Campus.

Course Duration: 35 Hours

CPD Points: 35


Lesson One: The Teeline Alphabet from A to M.

Lesson Two: The Teeline Alphabet from N to Z.

Lesson Three: Join letters T, D and F, punctuation marks, short sentences.

Lesson Four: Joining S, word endings, soft C.

Lesson Five: Downward and upward short L, special use of L, joining the letter B to letters G and N, joining the letter J with B, C and K, outlines with R followed by M.

Lesson Six: More common word outlines, writing outlines for words beginning WH, grouping words together to form one outline, transcribing a short passage from dictation.

Lesson Seven: The use of vowels, more vocabulary using vowels.

Lesson Eight: Outlines to represent double vowels, vowel indicators for word endings, simple word groupings.

Lesson Nine: Blend letters, lengthening L, M and W to add R, extending the use of R, writing further special outlines.

Lesson Ten: Words ending with –TION, more blends, common word groupings.

Lesson Eleven: Words using the CM, CN and CNV blends, outlines for words ending –NCE, additional special outlines.

Lesson Twelve: Shortened outlines for word beginnings, more special outlines and word groupings.

Lesson Thirteen: Using full vowels to form word endings, abbreviations for different word endings, Teeline outlines for figures.and dates, days of the week and months of the year.

Lesson Fourteen: Further vocabulary, more simple and common words, additional word groupings, consolidation.

This course is designed for individuals who want core skills in a widely recognised shorthand system, including secretaries, students and journalists.  This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn a shorthand system – Fast!

This is a course to take you from novice to a Pitman Teeline shorthand speed of 40 words per minute.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

ITA (Individual Training Account) funding may be available for this course subject to eligibility. Please contact us for more information.

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