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PRINCE2® Foundation

The Prince2 Foundation training course is available at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness Pitman Training Centres or via Online Distance Learning through our Pitman Campus.

Project Management skills are highly sought after by today’s employers. Each stage that leads up to and includes the successful delivery of a project are hugely important and if incorrectly managed can lead to unwanted costs which is why having a skill set tailored specifically for management of a project is essential.

Course Duration: 50 hours

CPD Points: 50

Executive PA 2

The start of this course will focus on the basic principles of initiating the project process. You will then be taken through the different stages such as risk assessment and monitoring progress until the closing of the project. There will be a Pitman Training Certificate awarded on completion of an assessment which will then best position you for the PRINCE® Foundation examination (which will need to be arranged for separately).

The following is a list of the modules that will be covered:

  • Module 1: Prince2 Foundation Introduction
  • Module 2: Introduction to Prince2
  • Module 3: Principles
  • Module 4: Process Model Overview
  • Module 5: Organisation
  • Module 6: Starting up a Project
  • Module 7: Business Case
  • Module 8: Directing a Project
  • Module 9: Initiating a Project
  • Module 10: Risk
  • Module 11: Quality
  • Module 12: Plans
  • Module 13: Controlling a Stage
  • Module 14: Managing Product Delivery
  • Module 15: Progress
  • Module 16: Change
  • Module 17: Managing a Stage boundary
  • Module 18: Closing a Project
  • Module 19: Prince2 Foundation Summary

This course is designed for those who want to be or already is involved in the management of projects in their day to day routines at work. Roles that may find this useful include Office Managers, Team Leaders, Event Managers, Marketing Assistants, PA’s, Virtual Assistants and others.

The objective of this course is to enable you to deliver a project from start to finish using the PRINCE2 standard.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

ITA (Individual Training Account) funding may be available for this course. Please contact us for more information.

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