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Managing Internal and External Workplace Information

The Managing Internal and External Workplace Information training course is available at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness Pitman Training Centres or via Online Distance Learning through our Pitman Campus.

If you have management responsibilities and / or a role that includes knowledge management or internal and external communications, then this course will help you harness information effectively.

Course Duration: 15 – 20 hours

CPD Points: 17


The online course introduces and covers key ideas, including:

  • Managing Internal Workplace Communications
  • Managing External Workplace Communications
  • Importance of Information
  • What is Knowledge?
  • Information Management
  • Planning Information Exercise
  • Career and work-focused learning

Specially designed learning activities help you put into practice the new habits and skills you have gained. They reinforce your learning and create a memorable course-style. Interactive ‘Quick Quizzes’ give you the chance to test your new-found knowledge. Learning bookmarks are built into the system, so you can easily start again where you left off. Automatic progress tracking helps you see your progress, building up your motivation.

This course is designed for anyone who needs to improve their communication skills or experienced individuals being given or looking for more responsibility.

You will learn the skills needed to manage both internal and external communication. The course also looks at how information flows in an organisation, how to turn data into information and how to turn information into knowledge.

You will need broadband internet access.  You will need Microsoft Word 97 or above (or a word-processing program fully compatible with Word) on your computer.

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