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The HTML 5 training course is available at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness Pitman Training Centres or via Online Distance Learning.

In simple terms, HTML is a language which enables a website to be built. It may sound complicated but in fact, it is quite a simple language to grasp once you have the basics and once learnt, you’ll be confidently able to format the content for a webpage or website using this renowned computing language.

Course Duration: 20 hours

CPD Points. 20


Session 1

  • Section A: Introduction to HTML
  • Section B: HTML Text Markup
  • Section C: HTML 5 Text Markup
  • Section D: HTML 5 Forms

Session 2

  • Section A: HTML 5 Audio and Video
  • Section B: HTML 5 Canvas and SVG
  • Section C: HTML 5 Communication APIs
  • Section D: HTML 5 Web Workers
  • Section E: HTML 5 Geolocation
  • Section F: HTML 5 Data Storage

This course is designed for anyone looking to become a web designer or web developer

The course aims to teach you new HTML 5 tags, learn how to create web worker objectives and the tricks of Geolocation Data

There are no prerequisites for this course

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