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Touch Typing and Document Creation

Being able to Touch Type is now an integral part of everyday life. This skill will not only increase the speed at which you can work but also your efficiency. A growing number of employers include this skill as a requirement when hiring people.

If you are someone who hunts and pecks out every key with one finger and would like to type correctly then we have a course that is right for you. Even if you can already touch type and want to increase your speed then we have a course that can help you!

We have a range of proven courses available for all levels of typists, whether you are at 10 WPM or 100 WPM. With a few hours of studying and practice we can give you the skills needed to reach your goals.

Is typing a skill you will use for the rest of your life?………….YES
Is typing something that will increase your efficiency?……..YES
Is typing something that will help you stand out?……………..YES

You must also remember it is not only how fast you type but how you compose a document.  Our Effective Business Communications course shows you how to set out and display business documents in a manner and style that is acceptable and recognised in Industry.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the courses we offer below or contact us and one of our course advisors will be more than happy to talk you through how Pitman Training can help you!

Our Courses

Click on the links below to the various Typing Courses on offer at Pitman Training in Scotland.

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