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Pitman Training and the CPD Standards Office

The learning activities developed by Pitman Training have been through a rigorous assessment process from the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Office which focuses on every aspect of the courses to ensure that they are positive learning experiences delivering retainable and transferable skills.

Any delegates undertaking any of these CPD courses can claim formal CPD points; there are different ways to use these points depending on the delegate:

  • Those individuals who are aligned to a professional body or regulator will have a CPD policy to adhere. This is mandatory in regulated sectors (financial, medical or legal for example) and in others there is a set of recommended guidelines to follow. Professionals aligned to a regulator or professional body will register their CPD points here.
  • Delegates who are not aligned to a professional body or regulator and therefore not required to complete formal CPD are still advised to keep a personal record. The CPD Research Project found that the addition of a CPD section on a CV can increase the chances of employment by up to 10 times.
  • Along with improving employability prospects, maintaining a personal CPD record is a way individuals demonstrate to current employers that they are keeping up to date and on top of their game to improve chances of progression and career development.

The CPDSO Accreditation also gives the delegate peace of mind that the training they are undertaking has been externally verified by a third party.

The CPD Standards Office works to improve the standard of CPD provision across all industry sectors. Organisations accredited by the Office are identified as offering a high level of positive learning opportunities, knowledge and education, whether that be within external or internal training. The assessment can cover training courses, events, digital and online learning provision.

Formal CPD Standards certificates are issued and accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors to a wide range of professional bodies, regulators and other membership organisations.

Please click the button below to download our course list with the various CPD points attached to each of them.

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