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Quickstart Tutor Led IT Training

Quickstart with our IT Tutor Led Training

What is Quickstart?

Pitman Training’s Quickstart programme provides quick and effective IT solutions on a one-to-one, ad-hoc or group basis. Regular courses cover areas such as MS Project, MS Office and Website Design. The more popular courses are available in our Seminar Schedule however we have a wide range that we can offer on a closed basis for your company or group.

What IT training do you require?

With over 25 different topics from Basic Microsoft Word through to Advanced Access, Introduction to MS Project or the fundamentals of producing a website, our experts can consult, design, write, produce, deliver and evaluate relevant and valuable training experiences for you and your colleagues.

How do you want Your IT training to be delivered?

Whether you are looking for a dedicated closed training event or an ad-hoc requirement for one colleague, Pitman Training can provide the solution. We can even use your documents or templates as part of the process.

How do you know which training solution is best for you?

One of the issues today for IT training is that people waste time attending the wrong course. We will always identify what your training requirement is to ensure that you attend the right course to satisfy your needs. If necessary our trainers will contact your company or the individual to discuss your objectives.

What are your requirements?

Following our consultation with you, we will put forward a proposal of training services for your consideration.

Where do you want us to deliver the courses?

You can choose where we deliver the training, Pitman Training currently have open programmes running in our training centres and we regularly deliver dedicated training events on site, or in our facilities, for our customers throughout Scotland.

How do You know that Pitman can provide the best IT Training Solution?

Please look at our Testimonials.

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Below we have listed some of our more populare IT Tutor Led courses:-

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