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Office / Computer Skills

Individual courses to suit…the individual

From the latest software to traditional shorthand and keyboard skills

Technology is constantly moving on and our training courses move with it. If you feel a bit nervous about IT and computers, don’t worry. All of our courses start at beginner level and you will have expert trainers immediately on hand to guide you. You don’t need any qualifications to learn with us and you won’t be asked to take an entrance exam.

Traditional Office Skills

This selection may be considered our traditional skills which are still very much in demand in the modern workplace. Whether it is to improve your efficiency on the keyboard, to enhance your abilities in meetings or to increase your chances of promotion you will find that Pitman Training courses will fit the bill. All courses can be taken on a flexible basis to allow you to work round other commitments and will result in the issuing of a Pitman Training Certificate on successful completion.

Microsoft Office Skills

There is no escaping the effect Microsoft Office products have had on the modern work place. They are present in most offices however very few people know how to use them effectively or efficiently. Most of these courses follow the Microsoft Office Specialist syllabus which will allow you to become expert in their use and ensure your ability to complete your work and impress.

Computing including ECDL 

Computing has an impact on most areas of our lives now. We have to be able to access the internet from home, use computers at work and interact with computer based technology on a daily basis. This section of our brochure covers using computers from a complete introduction for beginners through to the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) qualification and on to more specialist areas like Web Page design. The ECDL is the benchmark international qualification for people to aspire to and gives an overall basic understanding to the major aspects of computing including word processing, spreadsheets, databases and email.

Book Keeping including Sage Accounts 

Every business in the country requires a book keeping function. That is what makes these courses so popular. From an understanding of the basic principles of the double entry system through to the preparation of final accounts these skills will always be in demand. On top of that we offer computerised book keeping courses using the most popular software packages for both accounts and payroll.

Legal Secretarial

We are continually amazed by the demand for our Legal Secretarial courses not just from prospective clients but from the Recruitment Consultants and employers wanting to employ our students. These modules have been written in Scots Law however, for those wishing to travel, their equivalents are available in English law also.

Medical Secretarial

The medical profession is one of the largest in the country which relies heavily on its support staff. A secretarial position offers a responsible job and the satisfaction of being involved with people’s health. Part of the problem for many people has been how to gain access to this specialist secretarial field with its unique terminology and workings. Our courses offer a helping hand in achieving your goal.

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