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Foundation and Advanced Diploma in Accounting with AAT

The Foundation and Advanced Diploma in Accounting with AAT training course is available at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness Pitman Training Centres or via Online Distance Learning through our Pitman Campus.

This Diploma provides top level professional finance training for anyone seeking to become an Accountant, Book-keeper or any sort of Finance Professional.

Once you’ve successfully completed the course and the associated qualification exams you will gain a Pitman Training Diploma, the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2) and the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) qualifications.

Course Duration: 860 Hours

CPD Points: 565


Book-Keeping Transactions and Controls Part 1

You will cover the double entry system, the basics of VAT, checking invoices for accuracy, day books, general ledger, purchase ledger and sales ledger, prompt payment discount, petty cash books, balancing ledger accounts and many other aspects of manual book-keeping.

Book-Keeping Transactions and Controls Part 2

This course will help you learn the processes and methods involved in intermediate manual book-keeping. You will cover cash and bank reconciliations, balancing ledger accounts, using the journal, credit control, bad debt, payroll, VAT schemes, error correction, control accounts and many other aspects of manual book-keeping.

Sage 50 Accounts

Convert your manual book-keeping skills to computerised accounts using the most popular software.

Elements of Costing

Learn about the cost recording system within an organisation; using cost recording techniques; learn how to provide information on actual and budgeted costs and income.

Work Effectively in Finance

Learn the finance function within an organisation; use personal skills development in finance; produce work effectively; learn about corporate responsibility, ethics and sustainability within organisations.

Advanced Book-keeping

Learn how to apply the principles of advanced double-entry book-keeping; implement procedures for the acquisition and disposal of non-current assets, prepare and record depreciation calculations; record period end adjustments; produce and extend the trial balance.

Final Accounts Preparation

Distinguish between the financial recording and report requirements of different types of organisation; explain the need for final accounts and the accounting and ethical principles underlying their preparation; prepare accounting records from incomplete information; product accounts for sole traders and partnerships; recognise the key differences between preparing accounts for a limited company and a sole trader.

Management Accounting: Costing

Understand the purpose and use of management accounting within an organisation; apply techniques required for dealing with costs; apportion costs according to organisational requirements; analyse and review deviations from budget and report these to management; apply management accounting techniques to support decision making.

Indirect Tax

Understand and apply VAT legislation requirements; accurately complete VAT returns and submit them in a timely manner; understand the implications for the business of errors, omissions and late filing and payment; report VAT-related information within the organisation in accordance with regulatory and organisational requirement.

Ethics for Accountants

Understand the need to act ethically; understand the relevance to the accountant’s work of the ethical code for professional accountants; recognise how to act ethically in an accounting role; identify action to take in relation to unethical behaviour or illegal acts.

With this Diploma you’ll also be given your own access to MyAAT.  This is a comprehensive and valuable online student resource that all AAT students are provided with to assist their studies and helps prepare you for the qualification examinations.

The Foundation and Advanced Diploma in Accounting with AAT provides top level professional finance training for anyone wanting a career as an Accountant, Book-keeper or Finance Professional.

If you study this diploma you will also have the opportunity to gain an AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting and the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting; both valuable qualifications for anyone aspiring to work in finance.

This training is suitable for complete beginners or for anyone working in a finance area looking to gain official accreditation. Through a comprehensive range of core subjects such as Final Accounts Preparation, Elements of Costing, Advanced Book-keeping and Sage 50 Accounts, you’ll gain essential, practical accounts processing understanding and ability. You’ll work through each course step-by-step at your own pace to gain the knowledge required to work confidently in an accounting role.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF)

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This fund provides Levy Paying Companies an opportunity to up-skill or re-skill Employees and in turn, support economic growth.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be a Levy Paying Employer
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  • Employees must reside in Scotland


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A funded training opportunity is now available to those facing redundancy or those who have been made redundant from March 2020 onward.

The National Transition Training Fund aims to tackle the rise in unemployment caused by Covid-19 by offering short sharp training opportunities for people to learn in-demand skills.

If you are currently under threat of redundancy, or have been made redundant at any time from the 1st March 2020 and are aged 25 or over, you can access an industry recognised qualification to help you gain employment.

For further information on how to proceed then contact us referencing the course(s) you are interested in.

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