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PA / Personal Assistant

Become a PA/Personal Assistant

If you thrive under pressure, enjoy demonstrating your exceptional organisation skills and possess keen attention to detail, the Executive PA Diploma is the ideal training option for you. You will be able to take your existing personal skills and combine them with the great practical business skills – making you an asset to any company. With your diploma you will have everything you need to work in the highly demanding and challenging role of Executive PA or Executive Assistant, using the latest software to plan schedules, take minutes and have a great insight into how an organisation runs at a senior level

Executive PA Diploma

As a highly regarded executive PA, you will act as a life-organiser to the senior management and company directors, anticipating their needs and ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. So to help you stay one more step ahead, our Executive PA Diploma has been designed to give you a broad range of skills to help you stand out and get the job. You will learn up-to-date Microsoft Office and learn and refine secretarial skills including touch typing and audio transcription.

Professional Executive PA Diploma

With the Executive PA Plus Diploma you will learn how to stay one step ahead, anticipating needs and meeting the demands of this challenging, yet rewarding role. You will learn advanced touch typing, Microsoft Office to an expert level, web design, book-keeping, accounts (including Sage Accounts) and Payroll. You will also undertake a series of self development programs and business English.

What our students have said

“Before choosing Pitman’s I was completely undecided on what I wanted to do with my life. I worked in retail and found it tiring, dull and unfulfilled work. I saw the Pitman’s training courses online and felt that I would be good at a PA position and decided on it very quickly. I studied at the Pitman’s Training College in Edinburgh part time alongside my retail job.

I enjoyed the course and found the content and audio material accessible and relevant from the beginning. I soon had skills that made me feel confident enough after 4 months and 1/3 of my course completed to start searching for jobs. I was able to go to interviews and feel I could hold my on, based on the skills I had from my Pitman’s course. I attended 5 interviews and found every potential employer was impressed by the skills I had gained. I found a small advert on website and I was lucky enough to secure the job as a full-time Secretary for the owner of a watersports resort in the Highlands of Scotland. I do a lot of PA work for him within the office as well as other duties.

My new job is everything I hoped it would be and feel confident that this is the beginning of my professional life. I am still studying and hope to be finished my diploma by the end of the year. I believe that I would not be in the position that I am in now without Pitman’s training and the skills and knowledge it has given me” HM

Courses that may interest you:

Diplomas Individual Courses
Executive PA Diploma Computer Keyboard Skills Outlook 2013
Professional Executive PA Diploma Keyboard Speed Development Access 2013
Professional Executive PA Diploma with AAT Word 2016 Effective Business Communication
Administration Assistant Diploma Excel 2010 Audio Transcription
Receptionist Diploma PowerPoint 2013
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